◯Pressure-sensitive recording paper for analogue tachograph charts

The paper is a new type recording paper made from water base microcapsule slurry.
This paper contributes to improvement of environment and saving natural resources in view of water base system.
The used recording paper and wasted paper after black-cut can be recycled for use of reclaimed papers.

◯Floor wax with antistatic finish

1) Our floor wax (KAN-20) has a tremendous effect on the prevention of static charge.

2) KAN-20 can be used to the plastic sheet floors of the factory manufacturing IT devices, semiconductor, and paper.

3) KAN-20 can be also used to prevent dust from attaching the floor.

4) The brightness and scuff-mark resistance are better than ready-made floor wax.

5) It is very easy to polish the floor with its low-viscosity characteristic feature.

◯Hollow sphere pigment with the void volume of over 70%

Our hollow sphere pigment(KHSP-1070) has very high void volume.
Its void volume is over 70% which is as well or much higher than the marketed products with 50~55%.
Depending on the feature,KHSP-1070 delivers superior performance on the coated paper and paper board compared with them as follows.

・Higher gloss or opacity

・Improvement of whiteness

・Improvement of heat insulating properties for paint or thermal paper

・Improved particle stability,better resistance to settling

<Typical physical property of KHSP-1070 and compared with the market product>
Property KHSP-1070 Typical market product
Appearance Milk white color Milk white color
Weight Solids(%): 16.9 26.5
Volume Solids(%): 58 57
Average Particle Characteristics(μm):
Particle size
Hollow core diameter
Shell thickness


Void Volume(%): over 70 55
lonic Charge: Slightly anionic Slightly anionic
pH: 9 9
Density(kg/liter,25°C) 1.01 1.02
Viscosity(mPa,25°C): approx.250 <300
Product stability More than 1 year A few months

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